Inflatable Paint Spray Booth User Guide
Inflatable Paint Spray Booth User Guide
Paintline Spray Booth User Guide
Paintline Spray Booth User Guide
Application Of Collapsible Paint Booth
Application Of Collapsible Paint Booth

China Paint Spray Booth supplier


Looking for quality Paint Spray Booth suppliers? Just take a look at our company's experts. We've been supplying Paint Spray Booth all over the world for years and we believe we can give you everything you need to get the best Paint Spray Booth. From our high quality booth to our customer service, we are sure you will be satisfied with our service.


Paint Spray Booth suppliers are an important part of any business. With a selection of high-quality booths and accessories, businesses can create a space that is both stylish and functional. Vendors offer a variety of options to ensure businesses can find the perfect booth for their needs.


Paint Spray Booth


Paint Spray Booths are popular with home and small business owners because they are economical and quick. Paint Spray Booth is a simple, effective way to paint large areas quickly and easily.


Paint Spray Booth is a perfect choice for businesses that require a high-quality finish on large surfaces. The booth can be quickly and easily applied with an even finish over large areas, making it ideal for use in schools, factories and offices.


What is the concept of paint spray booth?


Paint spray booth, as the name implies, is to spray paint the processed workpieces in a closed room after air filtration, and paint the paint room. Traditional spray painting is to spray paint on appliances (cars, furniture, etc.) with a nozzle in the open air, but this method will reduce the quality of painting for large appliances. Paint quality; there is uncertainty to waste paint, and the painted area will be very dirty; for the staff, on the one hand, it will be very dirty, and on the other hand, it will be bad for the body to inhale a lot of paint mist. Later, people wanted to set the spray paint within a certain range, and the earliest Paint spray booth-----draught-type Paint spray booth was produced. In China, the Paint spray booth was first produced in the Chengdu area in the 1970s.


The principle and structure of the paint spray booth: 


the entire spray booth is an assembled structure. The room body adopts the sub-mother-insertion thermal insulation spray wall panel, which has good sealing and thermal insulation performance. Observe the dynamics in the room; the side of the room is equipped with a working door, which is convenient for staff to enter and exit, high-quality stainless steel heat exchanger, high heat exchange efficiency and long service life; imported filter cotton, low noise and high air volume fan are used to ensure the perfect painting effect .


Paint spray booth provides: 


(1) clean working environment;

 (2) fully collect paint mist for workpiece spraying. 

The configuration of the paint spray booth can be in various ways according to the size, shape, weight and production program of the workpiece: there are open type and closed type; there are continuous type and intermittent type; there are workpiece rotation or fixed points; Spraying and double-sided spraying. And developed the oil curtain spray booth, the lower Paint spray booth and so on. The structure should include: air supply filter system, workpiece hanging (transport, rotation) device, water curtain system, water washing system, exhaust system, water tank, lighting device and chamber body.


The principle of paint mist recovery: 


paint mist recovery can be divided into two parts: one is when the workpiece is sprayed, the paint mist and the water curtain collide and mix, the water curtain will dissolve part of the paint mist and fall into the sink; the second is the paint that is not dissolved in the water curtain The mist enters the washing chamber through the gap at the bottom of the water curtain plate, and is fully mixed with the water mist sprayed by the atomizing nozzle, and then flows into the water tank after separation and sedimentation. Add paint mist coagulant regularly to the sink to form paint slag.  


Types of Paint Spray Booth


Paint spraying booths come in a variety of types, each designed to meet the specific needs of a particular business or individual. Some are simple and affordable, while others are more sophisticated and expensive. It's important to choose the right type for your needs, as the wrong booth can lead to wasted paint and money. 


Some popular types of paint booths include: 

- manual overhead paint booths 

- upright spray booths 

- semi-automatic spray booths

 - robotic paint booths.


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